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The Uhlian Calculator

It finally happened

Inside the Steampunk Design Workshops the intricate computer tinkered, summoned and created by Mr. Uhl is complete. According to the gentleman, this machine will play an important role in achieving complete world domination.

Dr. Hans-Peter Uhl about the Federal Trojan

The best quotes:

"The computers of those criminal elements are becoming ever more tinkered."
"Whoever uses the internet will die therein"

The calculator created by me is not only sophisticated and refined, NO it is sanguinary, violent and extremely vindictive. During its creation, I had a painful first-hand exprience, believe me!

It is an ingenious electronic device called "analog modem" connecting the machine to the Æthernet and giving it the capability of spreading fear and terror there, and finally leads to the attainment of world domination.
Using a similar machine (which is far from the reaches of my genius) it was possible, according to Mr. Uhl, to convince 20,000 people to donate over € 40 million. This was done only by the power of the promise that the next ruler of the world will shower those people with electrical equipment, jewelry and clothing.

The Uhlian calculator gives the world leaders of tomorrow every imaginable comfort.

The unique key switch ensures that only the owner alone is capable to start this cold-blooded machine in order to spread terror and dread. The soft padded wrist rests enable tyranny for hours without fatigue.

The innovative sound amplifiers shaped like horns will assist you during your work with their crystal-clear and distortion-free sound of the Imperial March, or other invigorating melodies.

The keyboard is extended automatically into a 15 degree position during the unfolding, to meet the latest ergonomic research needs. The desktop has beautiful icons allowing an immediate assignment of stored instructions and safely accompanying you through a your daily tyranny.

You will find a complete instruction on Instructables.



Some Key points:

  •     Automatic fold up Keyboard
  •     Soft touch palm rest
  •     Key switch
  •     Speaker inside a self-amplifying horn




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Photography by Sebastian Reinecke