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It is well known that this gray, black or white commodity input devices made of plastic, do not offer any style and comfort in the use of calculators!
To change this and my daily life in a work environment, I built this keyboard. The basis is an old IBM model M keyboard. It is the only one which offers this splendid click when writing.

The buttons were from old Continental typewriters produced in the 1920s.Tastatur

Here you can download the complete building instructions

(PDF 12MB German)   (PDF 12MB-English)

You will find a complete instruction on Instructables.

and here you can find the layout of the buttons in Photoshop format (RAR Datei 2MB)

Costs will always fluctuate, because most of the parts are bought in online auctions.
Here is a brief overview of the approx. prices.

IBM keyboard 70-120 €
Typewriters 15-30€ (3 x needed)
Wall Candle Holder 30-50€
Brass angle 13€
Brass Tube 7€
Boat Bells (modelling) 12€
Wood 8€
Stain 10€
Wax 12€

Construction time:
Over 270 hours. The polishing of the old metal rings of the typewriter has swallowed up over 100 hours.
Now I am aware that there is a vibration polishing machines for cartridge shells on the market.
So if someone would like to test, make a trip to the next shooting range.



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Photography by Sebastian Reinecke