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Steampunk-Design builds and developed the most modern technical equipment, fine jewelry and futuristic devices implemented with funds and materials of the Victorian era.

On this Æthernetpage we cater for the discerning gentleman and the noble lady. You will find our latest technology, clothing and accessories in the style of Steampunk.

Let yourself be inspired by my technical achievements or simply copy them for yourself.
For many devices you will find detailed building plans and many useful ideas to make your work easier and to avoid mistakes.

For questions and comments, I will be available at any time.

Your Admiral Aaron Ravensdale


My tesla coil kits are available again in the Warehouse!



5 Years of Steampunk Design

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Thanks to Cornelius of Dobeneck (oldschoolfilm) for the stunning video report of the

Machina Nostalgica and the wonderful interview with me.





Since a few days, the first German Steampunk music video of the Band Violet is online.
Steampunk-Design is grateful for the role and the use of my inventions!









For your own benefit and to share and distribute the high craftsmanship, all images and building plans are published with the

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